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SIZE: 11 1/2" wide, 31 1/2" tall.

CONSTRUCTION: 3/8" rod with (2) 1/8" thick steel targets and 4 clips for paper.

OBJECT: You site your air rifle or BB gun in on the paper then you shoot at the swinging targets.


SIZE: 24" wide, 24" tall holds (2) 10" wide, 10" tall papers. 35" wide, 24" tall holds (2) 15"wide, 15" tall papers.

CONSTRUCTION: 3/8" rod with 8 clips for paper.


SIZE: Single paper holder is 29" wide, 48" tall holds max. paper size is 28" wide, 38" tall

Double paper holder is 42" wide, 35" tall holds (2) papers side by side or (1) paper with a total width of 42" wide, 24" tall


OBJECT: You push the target into the ground. Next you slide the top clips and attach to the target. You then raise the movable bar up and attach the bottom clips to the target.